“An epic album from a great Canadian talent!”

Beautiful You

Tim Nast’s newest album is inspired by all things beautiful, including you.

12 powerful songs that span the full range of human emotion, performed with orchestration, solo piano, and heart.

Beautiful You celebrates each of us, and all that it means to be human.

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About the Album

Beautiful You was many years in the making.

Tim Nast began composing songs for this album back in 2015, but it wasn’t until recently that the album was finally completed.

Over the years, there were many revisions, transitions and changes, musically and in life, which ultimately delayed the project.

But given all that is happening in the world right now, the timing of this album couldn’t be better.

Beautiful You is a heartfelt message to the world when we are all looking for comfort and validation.

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Beautiful You – the 12 singles

Happy Boy

One of the most beautiful elements of humanity is a little boy caught up in the innocence and adventure of being all things ‘boy’. To see his grin, to feel his energy and get swept up by his enthusiasm is one of the most wonderful sights to behold. Happy Boy celebrates this – the magic of being a boy.

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Autumn Heart

There is a majesty in the autumn unlike any other season. It is the falling of the leaves and the leaves on the ground. It is the cooling of the air and the harvest moon. But more than this, the majesty of autumn is found inside our hearts, stirred and kindled, as we prepare for hibernation and the season that lies ahead.

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Count Me In

There are times when we all need a helping hand – a shoulder to lean on, someone to hear us and give support. And in these vulnerable moments, there is nothing more powerful and gratifying, nothing more comforting than to hear the words, “Count me in.” To have someone say they are with us, and to know we are not alone, this is often all we need to move forward with head held high. Count me in.

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Meant To Be

Some things in life are meant to be, like holding your newborn child for the very first time. Seeing their face, touching their skin. Holding their tiny fingers. Knowing their small heart is beating inside their tiny chest. Feeling the ocean of love that is building inside, meant just for them. Meant to be.

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Beautiful You

We are often hardest on ourselves. For whatever reason we do this, whether the scars of our youth or the sins of our parents, for some reason the small voice inside our head continues to ridicule and chide. But in the face of this, the most important thing we can say to ourselves is the truth…we are beautiful. Beautiful you.

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(I Didn’t Mean To Be) Gone So Long

There was a period in my life when it was time for me to step away from my art. My focus could no longer be on the creation of new songs and ideas but, instead, to provide for my 2 newborn children. I was happy and proud to do this but I never thought it would be so many years before I returned to my art fulltime. I love my life with my children, but I didn’t mean to be gone so long.

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Winter’s March

Winter is the hardest season of all for its darkness and cold, the challenge of survival that grips us through these months. This is our struggle as we fight to stay warm, as we dig deep to connect with ourselves and each other. But as we push through this season of ice and snow, we begin to feel a lightness and a warmth as Spring arrives and we are made stronger for our journey.

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We Had A Moment

One day we will no longer be here, our lives and our living will have passed and only the memory of us will remain. But while we are here, while we are alive and in this place, let us breathe deep and live deeper still. Let us live with intent and be passionate every day, knowing we are here now, and alive. And when we are no longer, we will look back and celebrate that, indeed, we had a moment.

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Vibe Me You

We see each other and hear each other. We say a few words and share a smile. We chuckle lightly, shyly. Our hands touch and it feels electric. Our eyes shine and then they lock, drawing both of us deep into each other, into our hearts and minds, into the world that is us, as our words tumble out and our laughter roars, as we spin and dance in the rain.

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Stronger than stone and more resilient than the sun, there is something that resides in all of us, a seed of sorts, something that rests in the soil of our hearts, waiting for the appropriate hour. And when we are tired or scared, when we are exhausted, this is when our seed begins to grow, with its stem and its leaves, its petals pushing outward. The wonder and magic that is hope.

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One minute. A few seconds, really. This is all it takes. A quiet drawing inward. A pushing away from all things outside. Shutter the windows and draw the blinds. Close the door. Gather our thoughts in silence. What exactly do we wish to say, share, ask? What is the reason we have withdrawn from the world to this private moment? The power of prayer.

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When You Are Gone

You are a part of me and fill me with your presence. But when you are gone, I feel an emptiness inside that I know is the imprint of you, the absence of you. And I carry this emptiness with me as I go through my day, waiting and looking forward to our reunion.

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“Beautiful You is an album for everyone!”

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