Tim Nast’s music is melodic, soulful & relaxing

Perfect for lazy mornings, quiet evenings & moments of introspection

Beautiful You

12 powerful songs that span the full range of human emotion.

Beautiful You celebrates each of us and that it means to be human.



8 original solo piano songs that celebrate the many attributes of Grace.

What should be common now seems very rare – the act of living and being with grace.

To do so requires courage and bravery which, of course, are also attributes of grace.



8 original solo piano songs that pay homage to winter.

It is a season of snow and cold and yet, as we fight to stay warm, we are surrounded by so much wonder and magic.

And in the darkness of this season, we can be reborn.



12 original solo piano songs that honour our existence.

Like the ancient cave paintings where our ancestors painted their hands onto walls, this album celebrates the simple fact that we are on this planet, in our bodies, in this moment. We are here.


Tim Nast’s Private Collection

A special collection of live improvs Tim Nast recorded while playing his piano at home.
The recordings were captured between 2016 – 2020 and include some of his favourite compositions.

Professionally mastered, this collection consists of 4 volumes, each offering 12 solo piano improvs and songs.

Vol. 1

12 original solo piano improvs that celebrate the seashore.

Standing barefoot on the shore, I have heard the ocean call my name.

With the sky above and wind in my hair, I have watched the tide and listened to its sighing.


Vol. 2

12 original solo piano improvs that honour our life’s journey.

We are alive and we have meaning.

We rise at dawn and continue, our thoughts matching our stride, our hearts beating.

And as the day opens up, we find our path and push forward.


Vol. 3

12 original solo piano improvs that pay homage to  our childhood.

When we are young, days last forever and the sky never ends. We dream and we can fly.

But as time passes, our wings melt and our toys are packed away.

Onward we go, glancing back at what was.


Vol. 4

12 original solo piano improvs that celebrate the forest.

We are from the sea and yet, in the forest I am home.

This is where giants surround me with their burly arms and beards, their feet below the ground.

I am safe here. Protected. I am home.