Celebrate Spring!

In Spring the world is born again, and so are we.

We gaze with anticipation as everything is made new, as leaves uncurl and blossoms burst.

New life is everywhere and we are a part of this, as we move outside and join others, as the cycle of life begins again.

Dandelion Magic

The magic of Spring is expressed by yellow dandelions, happy little flowers that remind us it is ok to lie on the grass and soak up the day, it is just fine to pause and enjoy the moment.

“Come join us!” they shout as their golden crowns wobble in the wind. And all across the field you hear them giggling.

Life is Fleeting

We are here and then we are not.

Our time in this place is like an arrow slicing through the sky as each day blurs into the next, each night sky returning to its crimson dawn. And across every moment, we are consumed by all that surrounds us, our thoughts and emotions, faces, events.

The arrow flies and we are revealed to ourselves and each other.

Autumn Beauty

When the leaves fall in autumn, we fall too
We fall in love.
And we the fallen, on the earth we lie
With the leaves.
Our eyes closed and quiet, we wait for snow
We long for spring, when the sun will warm us
And we are reborn
But here in the autumn,
as golden leaves surround us
We fall in love.

Skating the Rideau Canal

The ice is fine today, perfect really, for a skate along the canal.

Me and you, we head out with our backpacks and hot chocolate, eager to lace up our skates and hit the ice, push with our blades and fly across the glass.

Our cheeks may be red but we don’t feel the cold for we are alive and on fire, warmed by the furnace that is this day, this thrill, this canal.

Piano Improv – Ottawa, ON

The ocean rolls in, each wave building a hundred miles out, crashing where we stand. Above us, gulls cry to their brothers. Below, the sand is cold and wet.

We have come here to escape and connect, to leave behind all we’ve been told. We want to start over, forget the rules and this time get it right.

We surrender to this day and the ocean, as each wave washes over us, baptizing us.

Piano Improv – Victoria, BC

The sun is high and hot.

Kayaks paddle by as I sit on this bench, at this piano that is painted blue with leaves of green.

I am in shorts and a hat and the piano is perfectly in and out of tune. And as I play, as the keys grab hold of my fingers and ask them to dance, as music spills across the ground, I begin to float away.

I disappear into the ocean and the sky, the blue of this summer day.

Piano Improv – Burritt’s Rapids, ON

It is evening and I am on stage. But more than this, we are all here, the audience and me.

Together in this place, we are far away from the world and its distractions. It is safe and peaceful here.

We are frozen in time and in this moment. There are no words, only notes and sounds that spirit us away.