Tim Nast

Pianist. Composer.

Tim Nast grew up on Vancouver Island, just outside Victoria, BC, on the west coast of Canada.
This tranquil setting of ocean and forest played a key role in defining his musical style, which he describes as a mix of jazz, folk and new age – rich melodies that allow listeners to enter a world of harmony and rhythm.

During his 20s, Tim Nast recorded 6 albums and performed across Canada and Germany, sometimes to standing room only. When he became a father, he stepped back from his music career and entered the corporate world. 

Fast forward to the present, Tim Nast has returned to music fulltime. He is better for the road he has traveled, well-aware that the passage of time has given his music a soulful depth that can only be acquired through living.

“Music is a feeling.”

My Story

We become who we are meant to be as long as our intentions are true, we continue to push, and we learn to be patient.

I have always felt an urge to express, not just what I am feeling, but what I see and hear around me in this beautiful world that is full of mountains and oceans and rivers and trees, and so much incredible life.

It pains me to see the destruction humans are causing, but it also empowers me to keep going – keep listening, keep watching, keep composing and creating.

I love being back in music fulltime. After so many years away, I feel every day is a gift and I want to make the most of it.

During those years when I was not creating music, I was writing. I’d wake up at dawn and write before work and, over the years, I wrote quite a few books. I look forward to sharing some of these and new ones, over the coming years.

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